Madison Houston
Reaching the world with the Word of God.
Mother Grant graciously answers over 100 questions with words of wisdom that relate to each one of us in our daily walk of
faith.  (279 pages)

How do you know when you are in the will of God?
What is the Holy Ghost?
What is your definition of a miracle?
What is your definition of character?
Do you believe forgiveness is important?
How can we overcome depression?
How do you mend a broken heart when you have lost a loved one?
How do you correct your children in a positive way?
What should we do for our young people to keep them from doing wrong?
What is hell?
What is heaven?

Madison Houston is the author and has been with the Grant Ministries since November 1983.  She interviewed Mrs. Grant
every Saturday over the last three years of her life recording the words of wisdom that will continue to enlighten generations to

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel from everlasting, and to everlasting.  Amen, and Amen (Psalms 41:13).  

2006 Copyright  Madison Houston, all rights reserved
In the 1950s, it was my privilege to travel in the large tent meetings with my brother and his wife, W. V. Grant and Lorene.  My duties
were moving and maintaining the tent and equipment, speaking in the day services and assisting in the evening services.  I worked with
him for two seasons, which carried us to six states.

While traveling with these meetings, I witnessed many conversions of people being filled with the Holy Spirit and many miracles
including the healing of blind eyes, deafness, cancers and other diseases.

After leaving these duties, placing my children in school and beginning to pastor churches, my brother continued his ministry in every
state and around the world.  He also wrote over five hundred different books, and had up to 500,000 people enrolled in his
correspondence school of Bible Deliverance.

At this juncture - I would like to pay tribute to his wife, Lorene.  She was a humble and unassuming lady.  She blessed many with her
beautiful anointed singing.  In the early days she accompanied her singing with the guitar.  She was loved by many.  For a number of
years after her husband went to his reward, she labored on with her son, W. V. Jr., in the church.  She had a heart for the needy.  She
sought to feed and clothe them.  I feel reasonable sure that her rewards will be great on the other side.

Sometime ago, a dear lady, Madison Houston, in corroboration with Sister Grant, wrote the book entitled, "Mother Grant" words of
wisdom spoken by Mrs. W. V. Grant, Sr.  While perusing this book, I noticed the quick and wise answers given to the questions from
Mrs. W. V. Grant, Sr.  I believe you will be blessed by the contents of this book.

My name is Haskell Grant.  The title of my book, "While I was Musing the Fire Burned" is in the hands of many people.  I have
received favorable comments from the readers.  

Should you desire to obtain this 117 page book, the price is $10.00 plus S&H $3.00.  Send check or money order for $13.00 to:

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There is only one word to describe the ministry of W. V. Grant, Sr., "legendary,"
that now surrounds his sons, W. V. Grant, Jr., Gale Grant, their dear wives and
families.  It is my joy to endorse wholeheartedly the anointing that abides on their
lives.  Mrs. W. V. Grant, Sr. tells her own story about the life and miracles she
has lived.  This legendary life is a character model and supernatural model for all
believers everywhere, particularly for women of faith who long to experience
God's power, so that the grace that has guided this Godly woman will fall on
every reader of this most extraordinary book.
Because of Him,
Dr. Larry Lea
Foreword by
Dr. Larry Lea
Endorsement by Haskell Grant  
(Brother of Rev. W. V. Grant, Sr.)